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All About Me – Day 17

All About Me

Day 17 – a picture of your biggest insecurity… For the past year or so, my biggest insecurity has to be my weight.  I have to say, this weight thing is all very new to me.  Growing up, I’ve always been the little powerhouse type.  Never skinny, but adequately proportionate for my whopping 5’2″. I […]

All About Me – Day 16

Day 16 – a picture of something that has made a huge impact on your life recently… Within the past year, nothing has made a greater impact on my life than becoming a part of this Diva group!  Through a friend, Rachel Floyd, I was introduced to Lynsey Jones and the Party Plan Divas.  It’s […]

All About Me – Day 15

All About Me

Day 15 – a picture of someone who inspires you…. There’s no way I can narrow this down to just one person.  I get so much inspiration from my amazing circle of friends….one friend is fighting cancer and I am inspired by his strength; one friend just lost her soul mate and I am inspired by her faith; one friend is raising four […]

All About Me – Day 14

All About Me

Day 14 – a picture of something you want to do before you die… I could give you a list a mile long for this one, but I can summarize it by simply saying Travel.   Some day, I hope to have the time and money to just go…see the northern lights in Alaska, the […]

All About Me – Day 13

All About Me

Day 13 – a picture of someone you could never imagine your life without… This is definitely my two boys.  When I think back to my life before them… it was a lot easier, but without as much joy and purpose.  I’m often surprised at how much having kids has changed the way I think […]

All About Me – Day 12

All About Me

Day 12 – a picture of your favorite band or artist… Okay, this isn’t exactly easy for me.  Through the years, I have had many favorite songs…but not so many favorite bands or artists.  If I were to name my current favorite songs, there wouldn’t be two of them that belong to the same artist.  […]

All About Me – Day 11

All About Me

Day 11 – a picture of something you love… There are so many things to choose from here, but one thing I have loved for a very long time is football…the Miami Dolphins to be exact.  I was born in south Florida, so I was born a Dolphins fan!  Actually, I was born the same […]

All About Me – Day 10

All About Me

Day 10 – a picture of something you hate… Oh, this is such an easy one.  I rarely use the word hate, but I can honestly say that there isn’t a more appropriate word for how much I despise COOKING!  I believe that I’m genetically predisposed to hate cooking…my mother hates cooking too.   Now […]

All About Me – Day 9

All About Me

Day 9 – a picture of the person you do the most crazy things with… Crazy things…that would be my sister, Sheila!  There are quite a few stories between the two of us, but the funniest one has to be when I moved to Mobile, AL.  It was January 1st, and my sister was driving […]

All About Me – Day 8

All About Me

Day 8 – a picture of the person who has gotten you through the most…. This one I’m going to have to give to my parents.   They are always the first ones I call when something happens, good or bad.   There isn’t anything either of them wouldn’t do for me….and I’ve always known that.  Growing up, they instilled in me […]

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