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All About Me – Day 27

rat snake 1

Day 27- a picture of something you’re afraid of… I don’t like snakes.  Though I do have a mild fascination of them, there are so many horrifying stories involving snakes and kids that just thinking about them is creeping me out. One snake picture is enough…don’t you think?

All About Me – Day 26

Missy & Family

Day 26 – a picture of yourself and a family member… So, this is getting redundant.  This picture goes back a few years, but it has both my sisters in it and my Nana.  It’s interesting the feelings a picture can evoke.  I’m so choked up just looking at this picture.  I miss them…Julie and Nana.  They’ve […]

All About Me – Day 25

Day 25- a picture of something that means a lot to you… Here they are…the people that are wrapped around my heart.      

All About Me – Day 24

All About Me

Day 24 – a picture of your day… I was volunteering in my youngest sons Kindergarten class last year when one of the boys asked me why I was there.  My son said, “That’s what she does.  She’s a volunteer.”  That still makes me smile.  So, yes, I spend one day a week volunteering in […]

All About Me – Day 23

All About Me

Day 23 – a picture of your favorite book…. This won’t be easy because there are so many books that I could choose from.  Now, I am all about fiction.  Give me a fake world that I can escape to for a few hours, and I’m there.   I do read non-fiction books too, but […]

All About Me – Day 22

All About Me

Day 22 – a picture of something you wish you were better at… Public Speaking!! I am just not comfortable getting up in front of a crowd and speaking.  Even when I am completely prepared for it, I still get so rattled.  It has always been this way for me, and I keep thinking that […]

All About Me – Day 21

All About Me

Day 21 – a picture of someone you miss…. There are several people that I miss….my Great Uncle Don that  just passed away last month, and my Nana that passed away seven years ago.  I would love to spend more time with them and show my boys what wonderful people they were.  But  the person […]

All About Me – Day 20

All About Me

Day 20 – a picture of something you wish you could forget… Oh, I wish I could forget how much I LOVED this house!   To say that I have moved around a lot is really not an exaggeration.  I owned two houses before my husband, and we are on our fifth house together….yes, all […]

All About Me – Day 19

All About Me

Day 19 – a picture of somewhere you’d love to travel…. Australia has been on the top of my travel list for a really long time.  I  wanted to go there for my honeymoon, but there wasn’t enough time….I wanted a month.    Less than that, I’d have to give up seeing something amazing.  What […]

All About Me – Day 18

All About Me

Day 18 – a picture of you when you were little…. I am very lucky to have so many pictures to choose from.  This first one I love because it has both my Nana and Grandma in it.  The date is May 10th, so it was my sister’s 5th birthday party but it was also […]

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