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Have you noticeStoryBook Creator Plusd how many pictures are flying around these days?  Photos are coming at us from every direction!  Some of my friends on Facebook upload tons of photos…old and new…on a regular basis.  It’s fascinating to watch everyone grow up right in front of you!  Two days in a row I received just a picture message…no words.  That took some detective work on my part to figure out who sent these pictures and why??  I find all of this very amusing!  Until someone asked me if they could retrieve pictures off Facebook because that is likely the only place they were kept.  Okay, now that’s just sad.

I know the goal seems to be to take pictures to “share” with all of our friends right now, but what happens after the news reel moves on?  I’ll tell you what needs to happen…take those photos, make something special and print it out.  Think how nice it would be to hold a book of those photos in your hand!  Wow!  I promise you, it’s easy to do.  All you need is Creative Memories StoryBook Creator Plus software.  It has definitely become my favorite photo product ever!

StoryBook Creator Plus software resides on your computer so you don’t have to be online to work in it.  You bring in your photos, personalize them with embellishments and text, and then get online to upload your product for ordering.  So simple!

With StoryBook Creator Plus software, you can create StoryBooks, Photo Page Prints (all sizes), calendars, recipe cards, thank you cards,Valentine’s Day cards, invitations, bookmarks, business cards, event fliers, and so much more.  I use this software as much for my business needs as I do my personal photo needs…which helps me stand out from the crowd and saves me money too!

Please know your memories deserve life outside of  today’s news reel!

Contact me and I’ll help you get started today!

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4 Responses to “Photos & StoryBook Creator Plus”

  1. Belinda says:

    Missy –

    Thank for explaining how important it is to keep our photos.

    How do you put your “paper” photos into this software?

    • admin says:

      Hi Belinda! Right now I just scan them into my computer, but I don’t print pictures out now until I need them. I did see this Film, Slide & Photo Converter on sale at Kohl’s that has me very curious! It says it will convert all those into digital images…for the sale price of $79.99. I haven’t decided yet, but I’m really thinking about it.

      • Beilnda says:

        Missy –

        Thank you for telling me about the item at Kohl’s.

        I actually am wondering how to do this (if possible) with paper photos.

        • admin says:

          Oh, there are a lot of ways to get your printed photos into albums. Are you looking for a quick, easy solution to take care of a lot of printed pictures or do you want to get creative and put together your own scrapbook pages?

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