My Hope in Action 365 Project Update

365 Project for 2012 - January

I’m pleasantly surprised that I am having so much fun with this!  Back on January 1st, I posted about the Creative Memories Hope in Action 365 Day Project.  Hope in Action 365 is a challenge to get you taking photos of everyday moments and document your life as you live it!  A sleeping child, a snow covered tree, the smiling face that greets you daily at your local coffee shop – these are the moments that make up your life.  All you need is a camera or a camera phone to get started!

Diligently, I have taken a picture every day!  At first, it was a challenge to remember to take the picture.  I even recruited my eight-year-old son to keep me on my toes….which he has become very good at!  Now, I just find it exciting to figure out what my picture of the day will be.  I like to see what is new to each day, and experiment with the different functions of my camera.  That has proven to be quite a challenge!  I’m still stuck on how to photograph rain.  Any suggestions?



Here is the picture for Monday, day 51.  It was a very cold morning, 40 degrees, with a daytime high of 62 degrees…yet I have Azalea flowers in bloom!  They are so beautiful…. but have they bloomed too early to have a great Spring showing?



Now that I have gotten really good at collecting my photos, what am I going to do with them?  I am excited with all the fabulous ideas out there to show off your photos!   For starters, I chose to do a weekly page of my pictures, with a brief description of each one listed.


Here are the first two weeks of January….












365 Project for 2012 - Week 2












These pages were easy to do and I had a lot of fun putting them together.  My Creative Memories software, StoryBook Creator 4.0, really comes in handy here because I started each with a pre-designed page and then adapted them to my needs.

At the top is a January calendar with pictures inserted into each day.  This template is from the Click and Fill A Year in Review Content Collection CD.  I haven’t decided which way I like the best, so I’m completing pages using both methods right now.  It may end up that I put the one page calendar into each of my boys albums and use the weekly pages to make one very fun 2012 album!

Please feel free to share any fun picture ideas you have.  After all, I do still have 312 days of picture taking left!



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