All About Me – in 28 days

BIG decision here…I’ve decided to join my fellow Diva friends in their “All About Me” series started by Lynsey at Moscato Mom.  Nothing like jumping in with both feet!  Here is Day 1.

A Picture of Me and 15 Facts….

Missy Kern1.  I was born in Florida.  As an adult I have moved around a lot, yet I find that I like living in Florida best of all.  I live in Northwest Florida now and it is absolutely beautiful here.

2.  I bought my first house at age 23.  My dad co-signed for me, but it was all my money.  At the age of 16 I got my first job and started saving my money.  I loved to work, and often held two jobs at a time…even with school.  Buying my first house was definitely a proud moment for me.

3.  At 25 I moved to Mobile, AL for a job and left the comfort of my close knit family.  Obviously I was meant to go because that is where I met my future husband.

4.  Our anniversary is in September and we will have been married for 14 years.  I have to say, each year just gets better.

5.  I have two awesome boys…11 and 6…that keep me on my toes.

6.  Because of those two boys, I volunteer a lot of my time in their schools.  I love being involved in all aspects of their lives.  A classmate of my youngest once asked me why I was in the classroom, and my son responded with “that’s what she does…she’s a volunteer.”

7.  I love taking pictures!  Looking back at pictures just brings me so much joy!

8.  With all those pictures, I love to scrapbook.  There’s nothing better than turning a picture into a special memory that can be enjoyed by everyone.

9.  I have my own business, so I’m a work at home Mom.  I have learned a lot in the past year about running that business and I know I’m a much better person for it.

10.  I hate to cook.  Yuck!

11.  I love professional football and am I die hard Miami Dolphins fan.  I know, poor me.

12.  I have a very supportive family….my parents, my sister…I would be lost without them.

13.  Moving so much, I have friends scattered all over the place.  I don’t get to see them as much as I would like, but it’s nice to know they are there when I need them.  It’s fun to catch up on Facebook too!

14.  I love to read, though I do have a bookcase full of books that I haven’t gotten to yet.  My goal this year was to finish at least one a month, so I’m only a half of a book behind right now!

15.   I’m new to blogging…so please bear with me!

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  1. Belinda says:

    Missy –

    I have enjoyed getting you know you!
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