All About Me – Day 23

All About Me

Day 23 – a picture of your favorite book….

This won’t be easy because there are so many books that I could choose from.  Now, I am all about fiction.  Give me a fake world that I can escape to for a few hours, and I’m there.   I do read non-fiction books too, but they seem to take longer for me to get through.  Guess I can only take so much reality on any given day!

Harry Potter & the Sorcerers Stone

I think my favorite series has to be Harry PotterYes, really! I’m not a big fan of details…I know, I know.  Through the years I have become more fond of skimming over the details than of actually reading them.  I get bored, and find most of the details irrelevant…who cares what color hair or eyes the character has?  Now the Harry Potter series, those details are worth reading!  Wow!  Can you imagine pictures on your wall with people moving around in them?  Visiting each other?  Who thinks up things like that?

I am simply amazed at the imagination of J.K. Rowling.  The depths she went to to create a world within a world is fascinating.  The characters are unusual…you’d expect that in a story….but staircases that move and cause havoc for those trying to maneuver them?  And the snacks….why bother to create horridly flavored candy?  J.K. Rowling’s details have a way of taking on a storyline themselves.  I think my favorite is the game of Quidditch.  There are so many types of sports or games to pick from, why go through all that work (and details) to create a completely new one?

Oh, I would love to have an imagination like J.K. Rowling!

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